About us

CRV offers farmers the most diverse and complete package of breeding and management products and services. For every breeding goal CRV can deliver matching genetics. Farmers can choose from a wide portfolio of breeds as well as a wide choice of bulls within each breed. This freedom of choice is unequaled in the world of cattle improvement. The activities of CRV also include collection and processing of herd data, milk recording, herd book activities, on-farm services, management products, and the publishing of specialised magazines.

CRV is more than just a cattle improvement company. Established in 1874 CRV has a long history going back more than 135 years. At its core, CRV is a customer-focused co-operative owned by 30,000 farmers from The Netherlands and Flanders and is fully committed to adding value for its members.

CRV has locations all over the world, divided into business units per region, and a global distribution network. The business units are supported by its headquarters in The Netherlands. CRV works with enthusiastic employees who know the customers and their desires.