No two farms are the same, and no two farmers run their farms in the same way, so it makes sense that each farmer targets the type of cow they want. Farming system pressures vary depending on climate, finances, environmental impact, and of course farming systems.

CRV’s genetic specialists work toward offering each farmer the desired genetic solution for their herd. Eczema tolerant bulls are an example of a genetic solution for a health issue. Once a day index is an example of a genetic solution for farm system need.


Fewer health issues require less treatments. With the best bulls for CRV Health, you will breed cows that get pregnant easily, have lower somatic cell counts and suffer less from mastitis. That means less antibiotic use.


More milk with the same amount of feed With the best bulls for CRV Efficiency you will breed a herd that is more productive, has a higher longevity and higher feed efficiency. The result is a more efficient herd, resulting in lower impact on the environment.


The LowN Sires® team have a lower breeding value for Milk Urea Nitrogen, compared to the average bull.


Exclusively from CRV, using FE tolerant sires in your breeding programme is an environmentally friendly and safe way to help increase your herds’ tolerance to FE challenges, resulting in healthier cows and improved production.


For herds with good fertility management, using sexed semen from the best proven sires is the best way to get ahead.


CRV offers a team of local and overseas homozygous polled bulls. Homozygous (PP) polled bulls guarantee the birth of polled calves, meaning the progeny of polled bulls will not need disbudding.


When operating a once-a-day milking system the right genetics are key to success. It’s important to breed cows suitable for OAD milking.


CRV offers short gestation (SG) dairy and beef to create greater value offspring and give your cows more days in milk. That means more milk in the vat, more money in your pocket, and a valuable AB calf too.


Get your tail end cows back in calf with Fertabull. With three bulls in each straw, conception rates are increased. Available with Angus and Hereford sires.


Select CRV Global genetics to achieve greater genetic diversity, greater production or to breed healthier cows with less mastitis and greater feed efficiency.


Genomic selection is a powerful technology that allows us to significantly increase the rate of genetic gain using accurate breeding value predictions of younger animals. This will drive increased productivity and overall profitability for NZ dairy farming operations.